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The 7 Best Car Screen Guards to protect your Car Screen

Best car screen guards

Adding accessories to your car is one of the easiest ways to enhance its style and appeal, but if you’re looking to protect your touch screen display from scratches and smudges, getting the best car screen guards can be tricky. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry any longer—we found some of the best options out there, so you can keep your vehicle looking pristine while also keeping your screen free of damage. Here are the  best car screen guards on the market!

Audi Car Screen Guards:

One of the easiest ways to avoid having to clean your car’s display all the time is by purchasing a screen guard. The Audi car screen guard works like other film protectors on smart phones, providing an added layer of protection for scratches and smudges. This protects the LED touch-screen with it’s oleophobic coating. It also provides an excellent alternative for covering your console in maps, receipts, or half-eaten snacks during those long road trips.

BMW Car Screen Guards

BMW is one of the most prestigious automobile brands in the world.. Thus we design car screen guards for all their premium cars. As you know their car infotainment systems are very expensive and it is our job to keep it protected.  In this post, we will tell you about Bmw’s car screen guard, what it does, how well it works and who we recommend it for.

This product will protect your display from scratches and smudges without compromising visibility.

Mercedes Benz Car Screen Guards

This is one guard that can be applied in a matter of seconds. One thing to note, it’s a little bit expensive than most screen guards but it’s also the best on the market. Most people are willing to invest in something that provides excellent protection for their cars’ screens and this is the solution. You can’t go wrong with this car screen guard if you’re looking for one that does not require any adjustments.

Mahindra Car Screen Guards

These Mahindra car screen guards are made from Japanese PET film that provides a strong protection against abrasion, sharp objects and other elements. The 0.2mm thickness ensures an easy application as well as a soft touch feel on the surface. Our installation guide contains everything you need to know in order to get the perfect application on your phone’s screen.

1) Apply the guard by removing the sticker on the backing and placing it onto your display with care not to accidentally touch it with your fingers before you apply it since oils from your fingers will create ugly bubbles.

2) Once you have aligned the edges, use a card or similar tool to smooth out any air bubbles trapped under the guard.

3) Peel off the front adhesive protective layer and carefully remove air bubbles around its perimeter so they don’t get trapped underneath the protector.

4) Firmly press down all over the surface of the film while pressing out any remaining air pockets.

5) That’s it! You now have a beautiful scratch-free display for your car!

Kia Car Screen Guards

Kia’s Sentry Shield was designed with a 3-layer protection system that shields your touchscreen from dirt, debris, and scratches. It has a durable hydrophobic oleophobic coating that helps keep the surface free of  fingerprints, for touchscreens up to 12.2 inches. All materials used in the Sentry Shield are fingerprint-resistant, which means you can swipe away all day without getting one print on the display. The guard itself is made from polyurethane construction so it won’t yellow or fade over time like other screen protectors out there. It also features silicone adhesive which will secure it in place while also reducing air bubbles during installation.

Skoda Car Screen Guards

Skoda cars are notoriously difficult to get screen guards for. The production quality is excellent but there’s not a big demand for it, which means the aftermarket isn’t very well developed either. I haven’t been able to find a company that makes Skoda-specific screens like they do for Mercedes or Toyota. That being said, there are still plenty of excellent options out there.

Tata Car Screen Guards

A Tata car screen guard can help you avoid ever having to worry about potential scratches, smudges, or dings on your beloved display. In turn, this will also reduce the need for a replacement before your next upgrade! We can guarantee that there are plenty of reasons why you need a tata car screen guard – not just aesthetic ones.

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