The Kings of car accessories. Pharaoh represents a royal king of ancient Egypt who lived their lives filled with wealth and luxury and were considered to be the messengers between gods and humans. We at Pharoah Automotive strive to recreate this standard of living experience through our commitment to making superior quality products for all our royal Pharaohs. 

All of Pharaoh’s products and car accessories go through intense brainstorming sessions to develop futurist design concepts with the implementation of the latest technology. We aim to take your everyday driving experience to the next level through all our products. In conclusion, Pharaoh automotive is a luxury that becomes a necessity.

Toyota Fortuner Car Floor Mats Driver

In recent years Pharoah has come up with many innovative products like our Hex-Lock custom fit car floor mats. Which is developed using smart laser technology to custom fit your car’s exact dimensions. Hex-Lock mats come with a stellar finish, superior tray capacity and the Hex-lock layer at the bottom, which makes our mats anti-skid. These features make your driving experience more comfortable for long and short drives. Custom-fit car floor mats by Pharaoh are also weather-resistant and easy to clean. 

Another product which we would like to highlight would be our Necktor interior seat cushions. These are neck pillows for your car interior made using premium suede leather and come with an extra cushioning layer that helps with support. Necktor neck pillows are made using ergonomic design concepts and are very easy to maintain. These are suited best for long drives or to relax in the comfort of your car. 

Taking the products mentioned above as an example, Pharaoh automotive is continuously developing new products aimed at solving different kinds of problems to make your driving experience one to enjoy. Furthermore, all the members at Pharaoh strive to be better each day and overcome hurdles by learning from each other. Our collective goal is to cater to cars from all segments and become the No.1 retailer of car accessories.